air – Alton Towers (Review)

“Described as an engineering breakthrough, ‘Worlds First Flying Coaster’ AIR pushes the possibilities of what a Rollercoaster can do; to a whole new level”

Back in 1992, Mr John Wardley (the man responsible for designing Nemesis, Oblivion and AIR) had a vision, something that would bring the world of Rollercoasters into another dimension. Working with Rollercoaster kingpin company ‘Bolliger and Mabillard’, The Towers birthed what was to be the most innovative and exciting coaster of the 1990’s, Nemesis. Groundbreaking in design as well as culture, Wardley described Nemesis as a sensation of flying, with the combination of suspended trains, inversions and terrain-hugging near misses, it set a new mark within the industry…

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Credit to Jake Warrilow

Credit: Jake Warrilow


Th13teen – Alton Towers (Review)

“I guess we can officially say thirteen is an unlucky number, right?”

Alton Towers have made a reputation of bringing us unique and exciting experiences over the years; with the famous B&M invert Nemesis (which is renown as one of the best rollercoasters in the world), the terrifying ‘Worlds First’ Vertical drop coaster Oblivion, and the elegant ‘Worlds First’ Flying coaster AIR. It’s clear to say Alton Towers is a B&M prototype haven. Sure, there’s a catch to these ‘Secret Weapons’, they all deliver something brand new to the world of Rollercoaster’s, and deliver these ingeniously. However the one distinguishing factor between those Secret Weapons and (albeit, the awkwardly named) Th13teen, is that they’re undoubtedly fantastic rollercoasters.
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Credit: TowersTimes

Credit: TowersTimes

Oblivion – Alton Towers (Review)


…Are three of the words that will plague your mind whilst riding Oblivion. For a rollercoaster that does only one thing, Oblivion does this astonishingly well; which is fuel our bodies with extreme fear and convert this into pure raw adrenaline! And despite it’s short but sweet length, this is an unparalleled achievement, as up until 1998 Theme Parks had been at a constant battle to bring forward such terrifying experiences. What exactly makes Oblivion so special? Well I’m going to tell you just that!

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